¿Cardio o pesas? Influencer te demuestra con esta foto la mejor opción

Rebecca Smith se hizo conocida en Instagram por sus propuestas de alimentos saludables y al mismo tiempo apetitosos. Y más allá de que es un terreno que suma tantos adeptos como opositores, dio origen a la polémica por un cambio en su rutina de ejercicios.

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Smith compartió en las redes una foto del antes y el después de cambiar los ejercicios cardio por sesiones de pesas y en ella se evidencia una importante transformación de su cuerpo: glúteos tonificados, cintura más marcada y abdomen plano.

La publicación cosechó miles de likes y muchísimos comentarios, tanto en contra como a favor del cambio de hábito. La pregunta es: ¿cuál de las opciones es mejor?

Los especialistas aseguran que para que un entrenamiento sea efectivo, la clave está en que sea integral. Los ejercicios cardio pueden ser aeróbicos (running, ciclismo, natación) o anaeróbicos; la diferencia está en la cantidad de oxigeno que necesitamos. Por otro lado, el trabajo de musculación con pesas favorece la secreción de la hormona mioquina, que genera más mitocondrias y nuevos caminos de circulación.

No hay un ejercicio mejor que otro, lo que va a influir en la mayoría de los casos es la genética. Quienes tienen mayor cantidad de fibras blancas es probable que prefieran rutinas que incorporen ejercicios de fuerza, potencia y velocidad, mientras que quienes tienen mayoría de fibras rojas optarán por actividades aeróbicas.

Mira su transformación

LIFTING MAKES YOU MANLY?! – It infuriates me how still so many girls think the second you pick up a dumbbell or protein shake you'll suddenly become the hulk?? changing my training from cardio to weights changed me completely inside & out and each to their own but I personally don't think I've made my body look at all manly in my past year and a bit of weight training! Here are my 3 main reasons for girls to start lifting ? – 1. Building strength & muscles: Lifting builds on a woman's natural curves and helps your body be the strongest it can. Ripped abs, sexy strong back, shoulder boulders & a curvy behind alll come from lifting ? #strongnotskinny – 2. Loosing that extra body fat: my body fat % saw a MASSIVE fall when I began lifting because as your muscle mass INCREASES your metabolism INCREASES. Before I would spend hours on cardio machines thinking that will get rid of fat but never saw any results and just made me HATE going to the gym, and if you feel like your in that boat now then change it up now! – 3. Healthy relationship with food & body image: when your doing cardio in order to burn 'calories' it's so easy to look at food as numbers and end up feeling guilty for eating too much and feeling like you HAVE to restrict yourself to see results, well that's just not the case at all. Starting weight training made me realise food is fuel and I need LOTS of it to get the best out of my training ? the amount I eat has honestly trebled since I picked up lifting and I absolutely love it ? there's no restricting and there's no guilt in indulging in treats once in a while because what better way to fuel a sesh ?? – Rant over if this convinces one girl to try out weight training mission complete but I wanna see MORE GIRLS in the weights section and get rid of the association that it's just for boys because it's not #gainingweightiscool #StrengthFeed #transformationthursday??

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Just a lil appreciation post of my change over the past year or so? It's funny you see so many people preaching this you wonder why it still happens? On the left, probably about 18 months ago, was completely restricting myself to probably under 1000 cals a day & would go to gym ~ HATE IT ~ and just run on the treadmill for hours *cardio bunny* as people seem to call it? On the right, taken recently and been attempting to eat 2000+ cals every day (it's harder than you think!!?) & changed my training up completely to strength training 4-5 times a week, with ZERO cardio in the past 6 months & I absolutely love what I do & how I train now and I think it's safe to say I'm SO much more of a positive & motivated person? I know it's not a dramatic difference & I'm not saying I was ever overweight or anything because I wasn't but I wasn't healthy & wasn't treating my body with any respect?? still days where body image is very low but that happens to everyone right?! Moral of the story, change what your doing if you don't enjoy it & I promise you'll find your groove??❤️ #strengthfeed

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Different kinda transformation coming at you today by jumping on the #gainingweightiscool bandwagon ?? was hesitant to post as this isn't really the transformation you usually see but I think it's super important to be honest with u guys about where I'm at at the momento ??‍♀️ 7 countries, 9 cities, 4 flights and 182638272 beers later my abs are literally clinging on for dear life? I've definitely had my fare share of indulging in amazing foods from all over the world and days on end with zero exercise and been slowly getting back into it over the past month. – There's no doubt many of u guys are in the same boat at the moment, yeah I was fairly lean and had visible abs but I've enjoyed myself especially while being on holiday and used it as a way to start my bulk (abt 6 weeks ago) since I have the extra energy anyway, and I've found my performance in the gym is better than ever, I'm finally seeing some strength improvements in my upper body which I have struggled with for ages and I'm loving eating EVERYTHING – If like me it may seem that you've had 'backwards progress' don't look at it that way look at it as using allll that extra energy to smash some sessions and make some major gains? – LOVING the bulk life, don't know why it took me so long to start one, and there's more too life than abs, and that's a bulking bum? (I'm joking (kindof lol)) #transformationtuesday #iknowitsnottuesdaylol #StrengthFeed

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